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Let's succeed
  • in developing.
  • in growing.
  • in understanding.
  • in working.
  • also tomorrow.


We have transformed the role of IT partner for SMEs and non profit organizations.

You are important.

Finnish SMEs and non profit organizations are Finland’s largest employer and your well-being and success are important. Success comes from victories in business and in people’s everyday lives.

Digitalization offers opportunities for this.

The world is moving to the cloud.

Local servers and capacity services will soon be useless. The mission of an IT partner is to help build the employee experience and utilize cloud solutions and IT in business.

We have the services and know-how for this.

Join a group people tend to stay in.

We have been working with SMEs and non profits for 10 years. We have been able to serve almost 200 customers and only a few of our continuous customers have given up on us.

Tahto is for you.

This is what we'll do together.


Let’s create exceptional employee experiences.

A productive and well-being employee focuses on his own work, not on fighting IT problems.

Let’s create an excellent employee experience with devices that work, by offering support for problems and ensuring that employees know how to use software and other IT gadgets with our extensive training programs for all baselines.

Service Desk / Devices / Training


Let’s benefit from cloud solutions.

Microsoft cloud solutions are much more than word processing programs, e-mail and Teams.

Let’s protect applications, users and devices with the world’s leading information security solutions, wherever you might work. We’ll replace your servers with Microsoft cloud solutions. And if we find something that fits into Azure, we’ll move it there.

Cloud transformation / Microsoft 365 and Azure / Cloud continuity


Let’s make business with IT.

Success requires experts from different fields, great people and tested working methods.

Do you have a CIO, a CISO, a DPO, a cloud transformation manager, a project portfolio manager, a hybrid work developer and an enterprise architect currently at your disposal? We have all of those and they are here for you.

IT management / Information security / Hybrid work

Our will is the success and vitality of our customers in the change of digitalization and work.

Together we will grow and change.

The world around is changing at record speed. Technologies are developing and threats and opportunities change. In order to be valuable tomorrow, it’s important for us to keep developing.

We promise to keep renewing.

All actions matter.

Every day we choose Tahto, the development of our working community and helping our customers. We meet each person as an individual. We focus on the good things and trust that it can be seen and felt with us.

We are here to help you.

We will help you understand.

We speak and write in plain language about difficult-to-understand IT terms. We exist so you can focus on making decisions and advancing your goals.

We make IT easy to understand.

Facts and figures

We grow and develop together with our customers and employees, and the growth figures are the result of joint successes. We are proud of our company and highlighted figures that are important to us.

A family business owned by people of Tahto: 100%

Turnover (2022): 2,5 M€

Continuous customers: + 100

Satisfied end users: + 4000

Number of employees: 19

Operating year: 11th

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Liiketoimintajohtaja, vt. toimitusjohtaja

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